Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School

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  • Yes.

    All the classic questions can be answered: Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing here? What is reality? What is important? Who is in charge here? Where does meaning come from? What is truth? Where did I come from? What happens when I die? Did I live before? What is love? How do I get some? What is really going on here? Do I have to pay taxes? What's for lunch?


    All these questions can be answered, however, (as you've probably realized by now...) each real answer gives birth to more real questions...


    If you follow this line of inquiry a bit further it leads to a number of practical realizations, for example:

    1. The answers are not as important as the next questions.

    2. The skill of being able to ask any question is a core skill for navigating spaces because it gives you more options to choose from in each moment.

    3. Human beings are designed to fly in the gaps between answers even if it is scary.

    4. Those people who have learned to surf gaps suddenly get special jobs to do and services to provide for the villagers... jobs which other professions have neither the capacity nor the courage to deliver. (Responsibility is applied consciousness.)

    5. Learning something new has less impact than integrating into everyday interactions what you already know.


    This is not a religion. A religion believes in beliefs. This School has discovered that beliefs are a band-aid covering over the fear of asking the next question and possibly having no answer yet.



    This is not a sect. A sect asks you to stay small, repress your individuality, give your center away, your voice away, your authority away, your power away, your money away, and maybe your wife and kids away. At Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School (SWMSchool) you are asked to use feedback and coaching to keep growing up, distinguish clarity from emotional reactions, keep your center, use your voice, ask every question, get more relational (intelligence is the ability to interact), create something more valuable than money for yourself, make boundaries, become a sword of clarity, escape your constructs so they become options instead of prisons, ask for what you want (even if it is impossible), transform yourself into something uncontrollable, and create something epic together.



    There is no Guru here. Neither is there a Priest, a President, a CEO, a Doctor, a Director, a Boss, a Dad... SWMSchool is a circle of circles within circles (see Sociocracy 3.0). We are learning to take into account the needs of the School AND the needs of the individuals in our decisions. Since there is no authority to blame we find ourselves deep in shit... and enjoying being in it together.




    Just no.

    (It's not an accident that this "No" is standing there alone and without further explanation. It is there on general principles. Probably it means we reserve the right to say, "No", to anybody about anything at any time for no reason. You could reserve that right for yourself too.)

  • Maybe.

    Maybe the human race has already exterminated itself by unconscionably triggering the release of 500 gigatons of atmospheric carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide and methane) that Gaia has so carefully sequestered over millions of years (as underground coal, oil, natural gas, clathrates frozen in tundra and Siberian seabeds, and the massive arboreal forests) to create stable enough climactic conditions that a biological organism could evolve that was complex and general enough to become self-aware and had the capacity to expand internal matrix for being more present and becoming more consciousness in one lifetime.


    Yes, us.


    Maybe this is our chance - global warming, ocean dead zones, nuclear weapons proliferation, wars between corporate-controlled shadow governments, and Trump . Maybe we will make it to the next level. Maybe we won't. Maybe the rats or the ants will become the successfully conscious race on this planet.


    Thus far humanity has failed to implement the authentic adulthood initiatory processes which permit a person to transcend the two childhood misidentifications: "I am my body." and "I am my Box." Maybe this will change and Gaia's human experiment will succeed...


    This School is dedicated to doing everything it can to tilt the scale towards rapid evolution of human consciousness on planet Earth.

    We don't know, yet.

    The deal is that since there is no boss, if one of the Sorceresses or Wizards offers a training space open to others in our school and asks participants to pay tuition as a way of expressing gratitude and support for that Sorceress or Wizard so they can continue the personal introspection and development required to offer such training spaces, we don't know yet if anyone will attend.


    It's an experiment.


    Like all gameworlds, the Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School is an experiment. Some of us have been looking to get into a gameworld like this for our whole lives. Since we couldn't find one we needed to build it ourselves.


    We don't know yet who else has been looking for something like this and will also show up. We think this is an experiment in long-term caring friendships, more of a tribe than a guild.


    What does that mean? We don't know, yet.


    We are pretty sure that Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School is also a nanonation, a group of people committed to the context of radical responsibility and possibility. When will our nanonation be able to issue passports? We don't know, yet.

  • Sorceress & Wizard

    Mystery School
    ~ Bright Principles ~


    Phase 2 of radical responsibility results in you taking your place in the world at the transformational frontlines, even if this does not match your previous self-image. We are doing this together instead of the typical lone-wolf thing. It is important to remember that Sorceress and Wizard are spelled here with capital letters to remind us that each action and inaction intends to serve Bright Principles.


    Doing what you say you will do, not necessarily what others define as "the right thing to do". Staying true to what moves you to be alive.


    Your swift, precise, radically honest, compassionately intelligent, razor sharp, present, dependable sword of clarity has two edges.


    Evolutionary, unpredictable, improvising, initiating, doing what needs to be done even it it has never been done before and you don't know how to do it.

    Loving Service

    Mutual support for others of the tribe over the long-term to deliver loving service of whatever is needed in abundance.

  • Organic Principles


    Some imagine mycelium - the white underground mushroom threads which interconnect the forest at its roots - to be the neural network of planet Earth. The Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School works like mycelium. It emerges as a response to the needs of our time by creating learning experiences that are engaging and nourishing, and that weave a living, learning human network for cultural transformation.




    1. Health of the Whole

    1. Nourish yourself as you nourish others and the whole.
    2. Attend to the personal and organizational healing that is necessary.
    3. Foster connections across differences to increase healthy interdepending diversity.

    2. Emergent Growth and Development

    • Decentralize the leadership and growth.
    • Decide locally, inform broadly.
    • Empower agency, the ability for radically responsible action at any level.

    3. Resilience

    1. Self-Reflection, introspection, noticing what is really going on so as to respond to real needs. 
    2. Intentional growth that includes the necessary personal and organizational healing and is conscious of impact.
    3. Seek guidance from the wisdom of the margins and the collective to foster regeneration.
    4. Transfer nutrients and information to places in need.
    5. Invite participation. Enable choice.

    4. Networked Partnerships

    1. Interconnected, mutually beneficial relationships.
    2. Acting as a network of connected single-cell organisms.
    3. Making visible the individual’s connections to the greater whole.
    4. Amplifying authenticity, individual identity, and the giving and receiving of nutrients.

    5. Life & Death

    1. Appreciate life, include death.
    2. "The nature of reality is groundlessness."  -Pema Chodron
    3. This too shall pass...
    4. Unlearn and release — allowing and supporting the grief process as part of creating.
    5. Learn and integrate and share and...


    (inspired by https://mycelium.is/index.php/about/)

  • FAQs

    (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SORCERESS  AND WIZARD ? Such terms are commonly reserved for fantasy stories. We use them as additions to our self-image to remind us of the existence of our 5th body, our archetypal body (the other 4 bodies being: physical, intellectual, emotional, and energetic). By claiming Sorceress or Wizard as part of your identity you eventually start admitting to yourself that your 5th body exists. The identity expansion (for example, I am a Personal Development Trainer Wizard Dad...) helps guard you from being hypnotized back into ordinary sleeping life where you might forget for days or weeks at a time that you even have a 5th body. The identity-space you occupy determines the tools you have available to use in each moment. A Sorceress and a Wizard can do things that someone using only 4 bodies cannot do. As Robert A. Heinlein said, "One man's magic is another man's science."  (This obviously applies also to women.) (Using Heinlein's quote implies that what we are doing is science... and... uh... well... the tools and thoughtmaps are teachable, the results are duplicatable, and we do our work in Labs... what we are missing is funding...)
    3. BY WHAT AUTHORITY OR LINEAGE DO YOU CLAIM TO BE SORCERESSES OR WIZARDS ? The title is declared by each person's own authority and proved through actions. Come sit around the campfire and listen to some Sorceress and Wizard stories. You will be blown away...
    4. HOW ARE YOU DIFFERENTIATING BETWEEN A SORCERESS AND A WIZARD ? In this School the difference comes from where they put their roots. A Sorceress sinks her roots deeply into the Earth. A Wizard sinks his roots into the void. (NOTE: Obviously the feminine masculine thing does not have to correlate to this, but it often does. The answer as to why this might be so is probably archetypal.)
    5. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SCHOOL ? In the global ecology of gameworlds, there are many different classifications of gameworlds, such as: sports teams, gem collecting clubs, hospitals, businesses, not-for-profits, religions, special military forces, local and national governments, etc. One such classification of gameworlds is a school. Schools are learning gameworlds classified according to which of the 5 bodies is the focus for learning. Many schools - such as grade schools, colleges, and universities - use teachers to deliver content to the intellectual body. Other schools focus more on learning physical skills such as martial arts schools, dance schools, art schools, film schools, etc. Barbara Brennan's School of Healing, for example is an energetic body training school. And Feelings Practitioner is an example of an emotional body training school. One classification of school is spelled with a capital "S" and specializes in training in all 5 bodies for the purpose building matrix to expand human consciousness. These 5-body Schools are further classified according to their structure (ranging from hierarchical with a master or guru at the top, to circular with shared responsibilities and rotating spaceholders, and also ranging from following a traditional set of teachings and practices to doing empirical research and implementing new distinctions and practices. Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School is more circular and more empirical, a team of people on an ongoing 5-body research and learning expedition bonded together by the attraction to and the love of certain kinds of questions, particularly those that have never been asked before (thus, the Mystery). To be transparent, both Feelings Practitioner and Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School are spin-off gameworlds associated with the Possibility Management Trainer Guild.

    6. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SWMSCHOOL ? The purpose of the Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School is to integrate in practical daily-life what we already know, plus also to integrate any answers we may find together along the way to questions most of us never dared to ask alone. We also have the purpose to document and further share anything we discover that may help accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. This means everything we discover is anti-proprietary. It cannot be copyrighted. It is all copylefted, open code, and protected by Creative Commons International 4.0 Attribute and Share Alike license (CC BY-SA 4.0), except, of course, the stunning rendition of Lady of the Lake at the header, which is copyrighted 2005 by Michael Komarck http://komarckart.com/ccg_ana07.html.

    7. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY MYSTERY SCHOOL? The questions we investigate together in this School cannot be answered, or rather, they can be answered in an infinite variety of ways. Either case infers the Mysteriousness of what is. This is not saying that nothing can be known. Rather it is saying that things can be known at deeper and broader levels ad infinitum. This School comes together in the name of, and with joyfully awesome respect for, that Mysteriousness. We often use each other as gateways for entering and experiencing the Mystery.

    8. WHAT ARE YOUR CORE TEACHINGS ? WHAT ARE YOUR PRACTICES ? Ah, yes... well. As tempting as it is, we would be doing you a significant disservice to try to answer these two question here in written words on this website. Any answers you understood would crystallize your mind into thinking it understood something thereby destroying your questions... and these are not bad questions. It would be a shame to kill them so unmercifully. Good questions can be hard to come by. Better to keep them alive so you can use them in a more productive time and place...

    9. WHAT ARE THE SWLABs ? Sorceress Wizard Labs (SWLabs) are our formal training and practice spaces - think of it as a Sorceress Wizard dojo - usually 5 days long, sometimes delivered in unusual places or under non-ordinary circumstances. Sorceress Wizard Labs typically cost €1000 tuition plus room and food. They are usually delivered by a legendary Sorceress and Wizard pair, or... why else would someone attend?

    10. WHY ARE THERE PREREQUISITES TO THE SWLAB ? How did you know about the prerequisites? Never mind... There are prerequisites because we learned the hard way that spaces tend to be anchored by the lowest common denominator. Spaceships fly higher with less mass. It is not a law. It is an observation. A heavier than normal condition can be circumnavigated but usually at a high cost, such as someone leaving in the middle of a training. Therefore we prefer to pay the price up front before the spaceship takes off by making the prerequisites stringent. The prerequisites for attending an SWLab are that a participant be an already employed Sorceress or Wizard, has already participated in at least one Expand The Box training, one Possibility Lab, AND one Avalon Meeting, and that you have a personal Skype or Zoom call with the SWLab Kaitiaki (the Guardian of the Realm). There is only one person excepted from these prerequisites and we can't tell you who that is.

    11. HOW CAN A PERSON KNOW IF THEY ARE A MEMBER OF THE SORCERESS & WIZARD MYSTERY SCHOOL ? Anyone can consider themselves to be a member of the Sorceress & Wizard Mystery School. I mean, who could stop you? We don't know what you are thinking... and if you want to think this, well, what a cool thing to think! You are the only person who can decide this. Even if no one else knows that you are a member you can decide to be a member. We only ask that when you decide to leave the School you participate in the Decompression Ceremony with us so that your departure is graceful and so that we all can learn the most from the experience. Agreed? If you decide to be a member this is part of the deal.


  • 12. ARE THERE ADDITIONAL PREPARATIONS ? The interesting thing about preparations is that the Universe takes ongoing and careful note of the matrix you build through your preparations. Evolution occurs by reflex. What this means is, if you are in-reality prepared to be initiated into the next level you may be automatically initiated into the next level whether you consciously decided to go there or not. The preparation initiates the initiation. What a fucking hell this can make of your life if you liked your life the old way and then the Universe comes along and without warning suddenly throws you into the next level simply because you were prepared for it ! "Grharhghaaagh!#!!?#? "(people have been heard saying this in such circumstances...) Yeah, well... what can you do? All in the daily life of a Sorceress or a Wizard... And, yes... there are additional preparations, including a long list of mysterious movies of which you should see all of them in the company of other Sorceresses and Wizards, an equal number of important books to read, a serious number of additional authentic initiatory processes you should go through. We will eventually get around to listing all these here at this website for you.

  • SWLab

    Intensive nonlinear skills-building training

    The Sorceress and Wizard dojo

    14.- 18. March



    Start your registration with

    Rudolf Lenz


    +34 666799532

    05. - 09.




    Start your registration with

    Rudolf Lenz


    +34 666799532

    As preparation you might want to consider participating in the Presence Journeyer

    5th Body Training

    01. - 05. November 2017

    at Amalurra near Bilbao, Spain. For details please visit: